EACH X OTHER was born in 2012 of an encounter between Fashion Designer Ilan Delouis and Artistic Director Jenny Mannerheim. The duo decided to create a masculine wardrobe for women; a unisex and collaborative brand which invites Artists, Designers and Craftsmen to design models for their collections.




Website: www.each-other.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EACHxOTHER
Instagram: instagram.com/eachxother
Twitter: twitter.com/eachotherparis


each x other


Photos courtesy of Yannis Vlamos


Date 18/07/2015
Category Designers & Brands

Sons of William is a Copenhagen based brand, created by the brothers Julius and Victor.



The brand was founded in the beginning of 2012 and is now working out of Copenhagen and New York City. Clothing features a futuristic aesthetic with a combination of various influences throughout. Vision for unorthodox styles comes through in a simple monochromatic unisex clothing.

This season the label presents a variety of coats, bomber jackets, anoraks, hooded sweatshirts, long tees and pants, and accessories like backpacks and hats. The collection is inspired by the idea of a post-apocalyptic Ice Age and the garments exhibit plenty of layers and a strong monochromatic palette of mostly all-black or all-white pieces, with branding that is reminiscent of radar maps and geographic coordinate systems.


Website: sonsofwilliam.org
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sonsofwilliam/


Son Of William


Photos courtesy of Sons Of William.


Date 15/07/2015
Category Designers & Brands

Founded in 2011 and based in Kiev, Yulia Yefimtchuk+ is specialized in small-serial design of all types of women clothes and accessories. 



Collection SS 15 presents silhouettes and details inspired by the Sixties: straight silhouettes, flared sleeves, angular collars. Prints refer to the art of Alexander Rodchenko - one of the most outstanding artists and photographers of the Soviet Era. Print “к Марсу” (towards the Mars) conveys the inner freedom, liberty of the mankind from material dependence, liberation in its strongest manifestation.  


Website: http://yuliayefimtchuk.com/
Tumblr: http://yuliayefimtchuk.tumblr.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/yuliayefimtchuk/?f=undefined
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/yefimtchuk/


Yulia Yefimtchuk+


Photos courtesy of Daniil. 

Date 08/07/2015
Category Designers & Brands

Parisian designer Faustine Steinmetz is now based in London where she works with traditional English know-how on her favourite material: DENIM.




For her latest collection AW15, she took her techniques to the next level in her quest to make everyday clothing special and elevate industrial pieces. Denim came hand-felted and brushed with orange and white details to outline the stitching in a trompe-l’oeil effect, or painted in silicone with thick, whipped strokes that were echoed in jewelry and hair pieces by Lara Jensen.


Website: http://www.faustinesteinmetz.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faustinesteinmetzlabel?_rdr=p
Tumblr: http://faustine-steinmetz.tumblr.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/faustinesteinmetz/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/fsteinmetz/faustine-steinmetz-collection/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/F_Steinmetz


Faustine Steinmetz  

Photos courtesy of Philip Trengove. 

Date 05/07/2015
Category Designers & Brands

The 24-year-old Parsons, New-York, graduate refuses to be defined by location or gender norms he just wants to make clothes that inspire people.




He's spent time in Stockholm, where he became both the first designer from the US and the first menswear designer to win the H&M Design Award, he's shown with VFiles at NYFW, and he's hung out in Paris with Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West who told him he was, "killing it," after seeing his recent collection at the semifinalist showcase for the prestigious LVMH Prize. 

Lee says his focus is primarily menswear, he insists he doesn't want to be locked into one category. His pieces are best described as architectural, oversized and streetwear- inspired, with a palette of blacks, light greys and oceanic blues.


Website: http://www.ximonlee.com/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/ximonlee/


Ximon Lee 

Photos courtesy of Ken Ngan. 

Date 02/07/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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