Designers to watch ISOMETRIC (Barcelona) Isometric is the joint creative project by designers Joan Ros Garrofé and Jessica Montes Bonito. They met while working at Martin Lamothe where he has been designing the men's line and prints since 2012 and her assistant designer. Joan is also a graduate in Fashion Design with honors from Bau University in 2014, finalist for the MODAFAD prize the same year and her, stylist for IDEP and finalist in the Photo Shoot Contest 2014.


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             Bernd Robbeck


























Date 18/02/2015
Category Designers & Brands

DESIGNERS TO WATCH | GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY. Men's Paris Fashion Week FW2015 + Transfiguration Book. Russian designer and photographer, Gosha Rubchinskiy is a self taught artist. After starting his career as a fashion designer, he launched his label in 2008 with the support of Comme des Garçons. It reveals a modern and graphic aesthetic inspired by daily life in post-Soviet youth, punk culture and skateboard scene.



  • Published by 
    Junsuke Yamasaki
  • Limited edition of 1000


Gosha Rubchinskiy Fall 2015




Photos: Gosha Rubchinskiy,, Nowfashion




Date 11/02/2015
Category Designers & Brands

Unbuttoned shirts over long-sleeve tops tucked into high-waisted wide leg pants, detachable skirts into jackets, earings, with their gawky silhouettes and their bony faces, the men on FW2015 Parisian catwalks kind of defied conventional norms of manly beauty and reminded Egon Shiele's or Howard Tangye's distorted and elongated men.


(Images: Acne Studios, Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela, Loewe. Illustrations: Egon Shiele, Howard Tangye)




The New Men FW2015












Date 30/01/2015
Category Trends

Nina Neretina, Russian, and Donis Pouppis, Cypriot, founded Nina Donis in the year 2000 in Moscow. The many recognitions they have won over the years include Hyères Fashion Festival grand prix, Harpers Bazaar Russia designer of the year award, to be included in i-D’s 150 most important designers. 


"We try to avoid conceptual burdens when we design. Approaching a collection from purely a design perspective means that the process is more immediate, and the clothes somehow lighter and more approachable," says Pouppis.




Birth: 2000


From: Moscow


Where to buy: Opening Ceremony, KUZNETSKY MOST 20





Nina Donis SS2015



Nina Donis Spring 2015




Nina Donis SS2015





Nina Donis Spring 2015





Nina Donis Spring 2015




Date 28/01/2015
Category Designers & Brands

Designers to watch | 9-1ppm. made in france. Describe me? Here is a very difficult task that only a few people can achieve. To do so, i would have to introduce you to each personified sin. My “so called” like i like to call them. They have a behavior and a personality linked to the vices that I attributed to them. I am  nobody and everybody at the same time. No words in the dictionary would be able to define me. At least without vulgarity, that seems impossible to me.


I assume what you hide. I am what lives deep inside you, the reflection of what you are attempting to escape. I think it is high time for you to start to see (look), and consider (judge) the lie you live in and that comforts you. Like a skillful illusionist projecting his hallucination that he recognizes as reality. Your calculated actions to prove to yourself or to prove what you are not. The illusion is lulling you, because hanging on to your dear morality, you think that you can avoid your bubbles of certainty to burst.


I think that I can say that I have no conscience, or only a philosophical conscience. I live in a jungle of mirrors where my multiple ramblings pushed me towards my present megalomania. I have no sense of moral, my speech flow, runs away from my mouth, like a torrent of flame to burn you. A pyromaniac of words. I am a razor, that cuts you, if you get too close. I am a whore, who has the pussy on fire in order to inject its heroin, and then believe that she is one.


I am the “too much” and the “not enough”, the extreme as a matter of fact. The middle is for those who can not make a decision. The middle disgust me, this middle that blew my brains out. With the diktats of an imaginary dictator. That absolute demand imposed by the strength of the weakest. I had been sensitive, even vulnerable. An impalpable stress, insuperable, which got me a trip in HP. Years passed, with tied hands like an insane person with a wrinkled blouse. A madman (madwoman/lunatic) among madmen (madwomen/lunatic) in an “asylum” where I found my place. A refuge where a world arise from the imagination of everyone, a sanctuary for naive adults force-fed with “anxious” in order to make our darkest thoughts fade out. Years passed, with your ass on a chair, looking at the cracks of walls is worth a few thoughts. Just like this fucking life. You are this cracked wall. A sudden and massive invasion gaps to plug. These gaps that are staying there, watching until the day your weakness is stronger. This day, you collapse. Vulgarly, shamefully. Difficult to make sense out of this life since. I cry more of joy than pain, because I am used to this pain.














campaign photographer julien bernard models daytona williams & mara tchouhadjian no make up/hair 


lookbook photographer florian corcos models daytona williams esther boiteux no make up/hair



Date 13/01/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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