The trend platform and creative agency The Inspiration Provider creates a 4-sense moodboard installation at the Internet Age Media Weekend in collaboration with Preforma Design.



The inspiration provider has  created its first moodboard installation in collaboration with the young product design studio Preforma Design, to be exhibited at the first Internet Age Media weekend held in Barcelona last March.


The installation is a translation of their digital moodboards to the physical world, providing stimulus for the four senses. The aesthetic research is about the concept of blurred boundaries between physical and digital world, creating an environment of innovative feeling. 



A color palette built around the Klein Blue, a color that reminds, for its strong power of light, a screen color more than a color from the nature, gives the starting point of a research of novelty materials that are natural but have new properties, or synthetic materials that emulate natural properties for sustainable designs. Along with the materials, pictures of artists, photographers and designers complete the mood board, together with found manipulated materials by The inspiration provider themselves.


The installation is a collaboration with Preforma Design, that specially designed the structure of the vitrine for the occasion. A design that allows the moodboard to have its perfect physical environment.

instagram: @theinspirationprovider



The Inspiration Provider Moodboard



Photos: Courtesy of The Inspiration Provider




Date 27/04/2015
Category Trends

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