Barcelona & Paris | VIDEOS - Cool Places | Alexander Costin started his modeling life in his hometown Bucharest, discovered by Sava Ionut. He is now based in Barcelona and combines his work with his biggest passions, skateboarding and film making. He delighted us with his videos about Barcelona and Paris.





You're traveling a lot due to your profession. Fashion and style wise, what would be the most interesting cities at the moment?

Traveling is one of the best part of modeling, I've just returned from Shanghai, it's an amazing place, so much different than Europe. Still, even though Paris is the most stylish city,  Asia is currently one of the most interesting places.



Aside from being a model, you're a professional skateboarder and self-taught video maker. What have these projects allowed you to explore?

Through traveling and skating, I got to know myself better. I discovered my creative side. This is what happen having a board and a camera in my hands. I create.


Barcelona... You've been living there for one year now. What are, to you, the main attractive features of the Catalan city?

Barcelona is amazing and it's inspiring me a lot. Besides the beach and perfect weather (EVERY DAY IS SUNNY), people here are more relaxed than in other places and of course, Barcelona is called the Capital Of Skateboarding in Europe so for me it's naturally the place to be.



And the most difficult aspects for young and creative people?

The hardest thing for young artists, it's to keep doing what they love. Sometimes it can get so hard trying to progress, bills come, you have to get a job you don't like and you end up not having time to practice your creativity. You should stay focused on what you love, and keep doing it no matter what is trying to block your way. 



Tell us about your video Barcelona Cruising Fever...

It was a great and inspiring experience, just me and the board and this beautiful city. Loads of fails, No Battery messages before getting the trick on tape, coming back the day after and finally, in the last days of filming, trying to land a trick, I fell and the board went straight in the tripod and broke the camera, that was the real end of filming and camera as well… I did the video with no intention of going big with it, but to my surprise it has more than 53,000 views on Youtube, and Globe - the skateboard manufacturer - loved it! 



You say your video is about style. What do you think of Barcelona's fashion scene and street style?

People here are incredibly cool. Everyone on the street dresses how they love, not trying to hide who they really are. You get to see on the street a lot of styles, mostly surf and skate looks in the beach area. You'll find all the leading trends in Barcelona. People are more interested here on how they look, than in other places. I think this makes Barcelona one of the top style cities. For me it's number one :)


Alexander just finished his latest video, Postcard From Paris...



Date 03/09/2013
Category People

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