Agape Mdumulla and Sam Cotton are the two designers behind Agi & Sam, a brand with the fundamental thought of presenting mainly menswear collections. In 2008, Agi completed a degree in Fashion Design and Sam in Illustration. Over the last two years they have worked in London for designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Armand Basi, Blaak Homme, J.W. Anderson and Carolyn Massey. In 2013, they won the British Fashion Award for Emerging Menswear Designers.



The Collection Agi & Sam Fall 2017 was sponsored by Topman and Fashion East to be presented during London Fashion Week. The contemporary print based menswear line features a lot of interesting outwear garments woollen or leather focused. They used a reduced color palette of black, dark grey or navy with red, white or light grey. The silhouettes are layered with contrasting materials or colours and faces are covered by scarves. For this collection, Agi & Sam collaborated with Woolmark Company.




Agi and Sam Fall 2017 fashion collage by lelook consultancy


Photos courtesy of Vogue

Date 08/02/2017
Category Designers & Brands

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