AMBUSH is a rebel jewellery and ready-to-wear brand made in Japan since 2008. Based in Tokyo, the brand made its debut in Paris in 2015 showing for the first time during Paris Fashion Week. AMBUSH is run by Verbal, a Japanese performer, producer and Yoon, a graphic designer. They are both strong and influential personalities of the fashion industry.


For this 2016 collection AMBUSH released a vivid seasonal look book and called it “SURPLUS SOUND SYSTEM”. It features pieces of both lines: jewellery and ready-to-wear. The collection is inspired from the nightlife and mixed subcultures such as punk and reggae. It features oversized impressive outwear pieces embellished with bold jewellery details. The jewellery pieces are massive, heavy and unisex.





Ambush 2016 collection fashion collage by lelook consultance


Photos courtesy of Ambush 

Date 05/12/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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