Feminism can be expressed with underwear. The proof comes from cutting-edge underwear designers defending the idea that woman can feel good and powerful while wearing comfy new age underwear.
The idea is to show what a real woman looks like. 
Good examples of the evolution of feminine underwear are definitely BaserangeNeon Moon or Marie YatThose brands empower women through body positivity and the non-objectification of women. Self-confidence and sustainability are two main trending ideas in underwear designer's minds. 




Baserange is a line of sustainable under and easy wear founded in 2012. The collection favors a philosophy of creating clean, easy and accessible garments that exist somewhere between modern culture and the natural world. The focus is on working with high quality, organic fabrics in innovative ways that benefits both producer and consumer while minimizing environmental impact. Modern basics in easy soft silhouettesmade to emphasize natural beauty and be forever wearable.Baserange is based in Denmark and France.






Photos courtesy of Baserange.

Date 05/12/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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