Scottish Charles Jeffrey is a London based fashion designer and illustrator. Jeffrey graduated from London Central St Martins menswear BA in 2013 and, with special thanks to Creative Scotland Scholarship, undertook the MA in fashion menswear from 2014. He is monthly gathering LOVERBOY where he collaborates with artists, photographers and musicians to then use as a source of inspiration and promote a universe for his work to thrive in.




Denim jeans, t-shirts and tunics were splashed with paint – but after they had been sewn, not conventionally before, on the fabric. A type of action-art. Some pieces were made on Savile Row, like the double-breasted boating jacket. But what Jeffrey created was a peacocking microcosm, reminiscent of the freedoms of an 80s subculture: the room was dark and drenched in music; models dancing on a podium – some half-naked – as rose-petals were thrown over them.




Charles Jeffrey

Photos courtesy of Charles Jeffrey

Date 25/09/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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