CristaSeya is a Parisian lifestyle brand that combines art and timeless ready-to-wear collections. The two designers Casini and Seya, both originally stylists have worked for the likes of L’Officiel, Numéro and i-D. They launched their line CristaSeya in 2013. Instead of following fashion seasons, CristaSeya release "editions" of 12 to 15 items every six months that are always available upon request. The focus is on timeless garments and quality fabric sourcing. Each new edition also introduces handmade objects from artisans the designers have partnered with to enhance the lifestyle arm of their brand.




The overall design of CristaSeya’s pieces is simple and the fit is always relaxed. Lines are effortless to let the beauty and quality of materials speak by itself. The editions include mannish trousers in brushed blue linen, reversible wool blazers and sumptuous knitwear in cashmere, silk and mohair, fine seersucker shirting in varying lengths and colors and outerwear. The look of every collection is luxurious, thanks to the duo’s aptitude for sourcing textiles.




CristaSeya fashion collage


Photos courtesy of CristaSeya

Date 23/04/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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