Deux Souliers is a footwear brand made in Spain and designed in Barcelona since 2010. The brand is directed by Nunu Solsona, in charge of the fashion and creative development. She studied fashion design and combined her creative flair with training in traditional footwear design with great shoe craftsmanship and in specific techniques at the Footwear Museum in Elda. The brand concept is to rework classic models and find a balance between craftsmanship and innovation. They offer timeless shoes with character and personality. 




For her latest collection, the focus is on geometric designs. Each model is made with natural materials and high quality leather. The brand is timeless and essentially genderless with detailed craftsmanship and emphasis on details such as modified leather, saddle stiching, hand-painted features or even removable elements.




Deux soulier 2016 fashion collage by lelook consultancy


Photos courtesy of Deux Souliers

Date 23/12/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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