HEOHWAN SIMULATION is a London-based Womenswear label established by Korean-born designer Hwan Heo. Royal College of Arts (RCA) graduate, Hwan Heo created the brand’s vision for the next 10 years is to showcase “The Critique Collection Project” where the theme for each collection stems from Hwan’s experimental artwork and geopolitical aestheticism. Studying the fashion hisory and phenomenon from 1920 to 1990s and observing contemporary fashion, Hwan Heo develops and rebuilds his own fashion statement.




Heohwan Simulation Fall 2016 collection called "The Wall" is ispired from Berlin's history and culture from the breaking down of the Wall era. For this reason, the silhouettes are retro and express the conflict between Easterns and Western cultures. Everybody that knows Berlin will notice the graffiti and German flag translated into neoprene. The collection also features denim garment, fur adornment and stripes.





Heohwan Simulation Fall 2016


Photos courtesy of Vogue.com

Date 03/06/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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