Heron Preston is a San-Francisco born creative graduated in Design & Management from Parsons fashion school; he is the designer behind the eponymous label which belongs to Under New Guards Group. Heron made his name famous working previously for Nike, Kanye West and DJing in events worldwide.




Heron Preston presented his first menswear collection « For You, The World » at Paris Fashion Week. It’s a ready-to-wear collection of modern streetwear made in Italy. The designer proposes to reinvent workwear and make it fashionable featuring working uniform, utilitarian pants, camo-adorned jackets, pants and hats using reflective-material and a vibrant orange that remembers the prisoner uniform in America. Heron Preston also took inspiration from the new cool of the underground raving scene coming from East-Europe, giving a 90’s twist to the collection and writing “Style” in Russian on turtle necks as an allusion to it.





Heron Preston autumn winter 2017 fashion collage by lelook consultancy

Photos courtesy of Vogue


Date 13/02/2017
Category Designers & Brands

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