Juun.J graduated from ESMOD Seoul in 1992 and worked at many prestigious fashion houses. Asia Times selected him as the top 4 notable designers to watch. In 2007, Juun.J debuts his namesake label. By deconstructing traditional ideas in menswear, Juun.J quickly establishes himself as the most innovative designer to watch during fashion week. 




For his latest collection, the designer brought to life a host of transformable hybrids such as trousers that unzip to reveal the bottom part of a jacket, hinting at being a jumpsuit or a canvas and denim mackintosh layered over a jacket. The color palette of black, denim, and white was dictated by the materials. Trousers fell straight from the hip, sometimes detailed like sailor pants, the leg pooling from the fabric weight, breaking at the instep.





Juun. J


Photos courtesy of Juun. J & Dazed 

Date 11/09/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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