AALTO is a Finnish brand created in Paris in 2015 by Tuomas Merikoski. The designer graduated in Paris at IFM School. He collaborated with Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. AALTO is a typical Finnish name that means "wave". AALTO’s inspiration comes from exploring the diversity of the modern Finnish culture by reinterpreting its traditional DNA, and its blend of harmonious contrasts. AALTO connects fashion, design and art, by actively collaborating with leading Scandinavian artists.



For the 3rd edition of the LVMH Prize 2016, the designer Tuomas Merikoski plays once again with masculine and feminine ambiguity, proportions, comfort and elegant silhouettes. AALTO has its owns aesthetic, contrasted, artsy, young, modern and brute. 



aalto finalist lvmh prize 2016 fashion collage


Photos courtesy of Vogue.com

Date 05/04/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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