Mansur Gavriel is a New York City based design label founded by Rachel Mansur and Florina Gavriel in April of 2012. They create high quality leather bags. 



Mansur Gavriel evokes Italy in the ’60′s, or a classic California easiness—warm, natural leather, sunny colors, and a casual elegance. Now in its fourth season, Mansur Gavriel has settled into a compact studio on New York’s Lower East Side and their bucket bags, backpacks, and totes have quickly become a staple among the fashion flock, easily spotted in any given street-style slideshow.

Inspired by the contrast of warm, natural textures and the clear, clean intensity of pop colors, Mansur Gavriel’s leather goods are made with the highest quality Italian leather and age old craftsmanship in the Veneto region of italy.







Mansur Gavriel


Photos courtesy of Mansur Gavriel


Date 20/04/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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