Marieyat is an underwear and loungewear label for women. Seeking to co-create (un) compromised style. The Marieyat woan is both her mind and body. The label focuses on seamless knitwear. Made from natural materials such as cotton and silk. Marieyat offers a new sensitivity to modern. Blending the lines between lingerie and unisex underwear. The seamless underwear emphasises; modern designs, comfortability and versatility. Consciously made in China, elected for excellence, ethics and in line with the brand's origins.




Marieyat 2015/2016, cotton underwear and bindind hanging. An imperfect cut on one side of a silk brief, an uneven look. The collection is both simple & detailed.



marieyat 2015-2016 collage


Photos courtesy of Marieyat

Date 07/01/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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