Misha Nonoo was born in Bahrain and raised in London by an Iraqi father and English mother. Misha Nonoo's multicultural upbringing exposed her to a diverse collection of references, which gave her a deep appreciation for global artistry.




For her latest collection "Resort 2016" the designer fused feminine dresses and classic men’s wear items, working a graphic element into the pieces via stripes and curved, ocular lines seen in patchwork on dresses, pleated appliqué skirting and knitwear in a blue, white and burgundy palette.


Website: mishanonoo.com
Twitter: twitter.com/mishanonoo
Instagram: instagram.com/mishanonoo
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/mishanonoo



Misha Nonoo


Photo courtesy of Matthew Kristall



Date 30/07/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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