PB0110 is a label by Philipp Bree created in 2012, featuring fine bags of natural leather and linen. Philipp Bree was born in Hanover, where he still lives and works today, and grew up surrounded by the designs of his parent's handbag line.




Philipp Bree conceived his minimalist bag collection around three elemental materials: vegetable tanned natural leather, linen, and brass. Cowhides of the highest quality are hand-selected from tanneries in Belgium and Poland in operation since the nineteenth century; linen is sourced from a Tuscan family firm known for supplying ropes for church bells. Fabrication is entrusted to European craftsmen trained for generations. With both materials acquiring unique patinas with use, PB 0110's totes, bucket bags, backpacks, and shoulder bags are designed to become beloved objects, treasured for the individuality they will develop over time.


Website: pb0110.de
Facebook: www.fb.com/PB0110





Photos courtesy of PB0110


Date 18/08/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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