Established in 1991 in Milano, Piazza Sempione produces and distributes ready-to-wear womenswear collections inspired by a concept of contemporary and versatile elegance, 100% made in Italy. Laura Pozentti is the Creative Director of the brand; her philosophy is to translate into timeless creations each piece of the collection by selecting carefully the fabrics and using contemporary silhouettes.  




Expressionist painter Egon Schiele inspired the latest Piazza Sempione collection. Art has always been a focal point for the label. The silhouettes are daytime casual, comfy and modern. The colour palette is made of neutral colours contrasting with colour blocks. We can highlight the research of the designer on pants cuts, all different and surprisingly experimental. The collection also features a few prints and details such a oversized buttons. 




PIAZZA SEMPIONE RESORT 2017 fashion collage by lelook consultancy


Photos courtesy of Vogue 

Date 28/09/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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