Rad Hourani is not a designer, a photographer, a filmmaker, or an artist. He is all of these at once. His work is an attentive study of the human body that celebrates neutrality as a defining human trait. Since his first show during Paris Haute Couture week in July 2012, Rad Hourani became the first designer to present an unisex Haute Couture show ever.



The uniformity of his collection has such a distinctive language that it defies convention. Using principles of architecture, Rad Hourani constantly works with an eye to how a garment will perform in movement. Like origami, his patterns appear to have their own magic folds that enable his philosophy to emerge so that those who wear his garments feel comfortable, powerful and beyond time.



Website: www.radhourani.com
Instagram: instagram.com/radhourani


rad hourani


Photos courtesy of Rad Hourani


Date 27/08/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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