Jeanne Damas is a Parisian fashion icon. She started to stand out the crowd a with her blog and quickly attracted attention thanks to her remarkable taste. She has worked with Leon & Harper, Reformation, &Other Stories and Roger Vivier to name just a few. Jeanne Damas just launched her first solo label, Rouje by Jeanne Damas.




Jeanne Damas first collection presents an universe reflecting her lyfestyle where sober sophistication meets assertive sensuality. The collection has a touch of Parisian retro and the color pure red is present in a few garments as to remember the everyday red lipstic she is known for wearing. The collection features bohemian maxi dresses, retro suede jackets, mini-skirts, flared jeans and flowery blouses. 




Rouje Jeanne Damas 2016 collection fashion collage


Photos courtesy of Rouje


Date 23/05/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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