New York designer, Brooklyn based Samantha Pleet is best known for her whimsical prints and twisting classic silhouettes into modernity. Samantha Pleet was founded in 2007 and it is now an independent fashion brand that is a collaboration between Samantha and her husband Patrick. The Pratt Institute alumna has established a cult following with indie musicians and creative dreamers around the world for her elegant otherworldly collections and shoe collaboration with Wolverine. Additionally, she has shown her work with Gen Art and Ecco Domani during New York Fashion Week.




Pleet hand drapes each style, playing with classic silhouettes while focusing on construction. She painstakingly seeks out inspiration when creating her custom prints—drawing from art, history, photography and film—giving each collection a unique, dreamy quality. She also enjoys expressing her designs through movies, bringing her world to life through film. This women's ready to wear spring summer 2016 collection is characterized by fine embroidered details and a few cut-outs representing windows. The garments are called House dress, Village shorts or Front door pants. 





SAMANTHA PLEET spring summer 16 fashion collage


Photos courtesy of Samantha Pleet

Date 18/05/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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