Jinwon Woo graduated in Kyunghee University in Seoul. He launched in 2010 a street wear label called ROCKET X LUNCH. The brand has held 4 collections every year and has been active in South Korea and internationally. Rocket x Lunch displays unexpected designs through mixing elements and surpassing common expectations. By doing so, ROCKET X LUNCH has become a popular brand, which is accepted as edgy and original with reasonable pricing among the young fashion influencers.




ROCKET x LUNCH presented its FALL 2016 collection during Seoul Fashion week. Volumes are oversized, colorblocks and a large diversity of material is used. The collection is called “Declaration of Idiot” and offers a 80's inspiration touch. As a result, the silhouettes give an air of nonchalance to the looks. 




DESIGNERS TO WATCH | SEOUL FALL 2016 Rocket x Lunch fashion collage


Photos courtesy of vogue.com

Date 02/05/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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