KATE WENDELBORN is a designer from New York with a background in design and tailoring. She is the creative director of Wendelborn, a brand of luxurious and minimalist knitwear line. She specialised in construction and patternmaking in New York and received numerous prizes such as GenArt Style in Avant Garde Category in 2007.



The New York-based designer’s discerning eye for shape and proportion, combined with her patternmaking background, are reflected in a lineup of investment knits with refined silhouettes. Ingeniously spun plush open knit and cable knit sweaters are crafted in soft wools, alpaca blends, and cashmeres and elevated with unexpected details. Collapsed shoulders, extended sleeves, and graduated necklines convey Wendelborn’s pared-down aesthetic.




Wendelborn Autumn Winter 2016 fashion collage by lelook consultancy


Photos courtesy of Wendelborn

Date 16/12/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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