Woo Youngmi and her sister Woo Janghee were born in Seoul and had grown up in a post-war country but in a creative familial environment. Woo Youngmi enters Sung-kyun-kwan University in Seoul to begin her fashion studies and wins the Osaka International Fashion AwardWooyoungmi also became the first menswear ready-to wear female designer in Korea. Later on, her younger sister Woo Janghee, having completed her studies in applied fine arts joins Woo Youngmi at the design helm.
In 1993 Woo Youngmi and some young designer friends begin 'New Wave', as a platform for young designers to show their work. This paves the way for today's Seoul Fashion Week.
In 2002, the sisters Woo founded WOOYOUNGMI to target the global market and they began showing as part of Paris Menswear Fashion Week.




Woo youngmi and her daughter Katie Chung drawn WOOYOUNGMI Fall Winter 2016-2017 collection. They found inspiration looking into their garden and taking inspiration from diverse flower species. Silhouettes are fluid, colourful and elegant. This collection is voluntary androgyny, as the flowers they took inspiration from. 




Lelook Fashion Collage Wooyoungmi Fall Winter 2016-2017


Photos courtesy of Vogue.com


Date 17/03/2016
Category Designers & Brands

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