Yii, designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yii graduated from Raffles Design Institute in 2011. 'Despite my morbid personality, I always had a kid's heart , I just kept it in the drawer somewhere' , with a mischievous smile drawn on his face. The clothes are ultimately inspired by imagining the world through a child’s eyes and the end result is a total juxtaposition: traditional tailoring is deconstructed and rebuilt, the end result being a combination of classic designs and rebellious innovation. Custom fabrics, a vintage-themed colour palette and Japanese prints are combined to produce unique designs.

Yii Ooi designs are available in Hong Kong (Off the Wall), Paris, (Usagi), Singapore (Shop the Mag) and Tokyo (Wut Berlin).



Yii SS2015




Date 27/02/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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