We went back to the little eyewear boutique Les Lunettes, in Barcelona, in search for some tips on the new trends in sunglasses and eyewear in general. Les Lunettes opened his doors two years ago and quickly became a reference as one of the most visionnary optician shop of Barcelona. 

Together with the owner of the shop, Eva, we have prepared an exquisite selection of glasses highlighting the main trends for spring-summer 2012.


Clear glasses | Sunglasses Trends

Gafas transparentes

Left: SUPER sunglasses and glasses | Round sunglasses: EPOS | Cat's eyes: Caroline Abram


Vintage inspiration | Sunglasses Trends


Retrosuperfuture Giaguaro model


Mixed: acetate + metal | Sunglasses Trends

Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin


Chris M line de Vue dc.

Chris M line de Vue dc


80's | Sunglasses Trends

Oliver Goldsmith | Lady Di

Oliver Goldsmith | Lady Di


Oversize round glasses | Sunglasses Trends

Round glasses

Black: François Pinton | White: Jen Mood


Futuristic Courrèges inspiration | Sunglasses Trends

Futuristic by ISSON

Isson eyewear


Mirror glasses | Sunglasses Trends

Mirror glasses

Mirror glasses by Andy Wolf

Les Lunettes

c/ Rec, 56

Barcelona - Spain

Info: leslunettesbarcelona.com


Date 29/05/2012
Category Trends

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