JAPAN SPECIAL. Japanese Designers | BALMUNG AW2014. Hachi Balmung established in brand in Tokyo in the year 2007. After studying computerized control engineering in high school and clothes-making at a dressmaking school, he started making clothes under his own label “BALMUNG” and began selling them at select shops in Tokyo. 


His collections are produced in Japan.


       Balmung AW 2014   Balmung AW2014  Balmung AW2014


          Balmung AW2014    Balmung AW2014  Balmung AW2014



Balmung AW2014




Balmung AW2014




Balmung AW2014



BALMUNG AW2014 | www.balmung.jp




Date 31/10/2014
Category Designers & Brands

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