Leeds in Barcelona · See you soon!


The Leeds in Barcelona experience brought to us an intense week-end that was full of cultural interactions and interesting discoveries. The creative universe of Barcelona mixed it up with the creatives from Leeds, first at IED Barcelona and then at Hotel Me Barcelona for an exceptional party.


Fashion and music were the two big stars of this encounter where Barcelona-based artists and fashionistas came into contact with the English artistic scene. The conference organized at IED allowed us to compare the experiences of Barcelona fashion designers such as Juan Antonio Àvalos and Chidy Wayne – to the ones of Dom Dick and Harry from Leeds and undertsand better the strong links between music and fashion in the Unted Kingdom with Giuseppe de Luca from the ICS band.


Last Saturday, we had an unforgettable night at Hotel Me highlighted by an indie concert by ICallshotgun, a musical performance by DJ Mustache, a photo session with stylist Mario Casarella and photographer Sebastian Troncoso that revealed the best designs by James Steward and Dom Dick and Harry, a live photo shoot with Sebas Romero, a frontstage of the LELOOK catwalk by Polopelo and Stick’art Studio, clubbing session with Backtobasics on the terrace of the 6th floor and an incredible impromptu fashion show featuring the best looks of the night. That's right, we administered a good dose of fashion and creativity.


Special thanks to: Marketing Leeds · Hebe Media · IED Barcelona · Hotel Me · Retrosuperfuture · Heineken · Freixenet · Vioko · Mario Casarella · Dominic Al-Samarraie · Giuseppe de Luca · ICS · Dave Beer · Backtobasics · DJ Mustache · Süsan Spark · Roberto Piqueras · Facundo Aguirre · Pellejo Films · Carlos Ventura · Jesus Toctoctoc · Eulalie · Alicia Mata · Clara de Nadal Trias · Anna Ponsa · Gerard Estadella · Andrea Bardini · Belen · Polopelo · Pep The Outpost · Agostina y Ramona de Stick'art Studio · Miah Models · Jet2.com · Ikonic · Jackie Morrow · Sebas Romero · Philippe Heller · Francesc Meseguer · Sebastian Troncoso · Sacha Moll Leuchter · Jürgen Salenbacher · Imran Ali · Juan Antonio Àvalos · Chidy Wayne · Sandra, Gaudys, Judit, Tiziana, Guillermo · Krizia Robustella · James Steward · Nicholas Deakins · Matt Maude · Paris Vintage · Maria Emilia · Rouge · Laura Put · Yolanda Muelas · Marta Coca · TVE · Axel and Dimitri · The models · and all the people who attended the conference and the party


Date 07/06/2011
Category Lelook Parties

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