Its incredible communication power has allowed it to stay on top from the beginning. It never got knocked off its pedestal thanks to, among other things, its capacity (especially since its adquisition by Bernard Arnault) to renew its image to reach a younger and trendier audience despite a few criticisms that condemned this strategy.


Many criticized, for example, Arnault's clever move to name the excentric American designer Marc Jacobs artistic director of the house. However, this collaboration led to the many successes we've known thus far.


Logo Louis Vuitton

Today, Louis Vuitton is the first global group in the luxury industry. The house owes its incredible success to its strong willingness to diversfy itself and to reach an ecclectic audience, willingness that becomes obvious through the series of campaigns that we are revealing to you below.


The label turned on a brand new leaf with a message clearly addressed to a younger crowd with the choice of  Jennifer Lopez as the new image.


Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez


After the success encountered with the J-LO campaigns, the label follows the same path with such stars as Scarlett Johansson...


Scarlett Johansson






...Pharell Williams...


Pharell Williams


...Keith Richards.


Keith Richards


Louis Vuitton asked the famous hip-hop singer Kanye West to design a stylish trainer that exists in different colours: white, black, red, brown.


Kanye West + Marc Jacobs


Louis Vuitton also shows interest for professional sport by calling upon top champions ZidanePelé and Maradona...


Zidane, Pelé, Maradona well as Agassi and Steffi Graf.


Agassi - Graff


All these pictures and campaigns are the reasons why we like Louis Vuitton so much, as after all, it has sort of become the label of all. 


To conclude this article, have a look at the latest campaign of the house which is a tribute to the cinema from the 50s. You'll recognize a familiar face among the models featured, the famous top model from the 90s, Christy Turlington. ¡Enjoy!


Louis Vuitton Automne Hiver 2010 2011


Louis Vuitton Automne Hiver 2010 2011



Date 17/01/2011
Category Fashion Editorials

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