Raf Simons presented his final collection in Milan. After seven years of a flawless tenure as creative director of Jil Sander, the Belgian designer delivered a magnificent and very special show. 

The architectural elegance and minimalist trademark of Raf Simon's Jil Sander could not expect a more climactic ending. Soft shouldered coats offered a cosy shelter to the models who convey a sensation of light and floating solemnity. The nude and pale rose color palette was disrupted by scarlet red and pale gray silhouettes and the final was dominated by black and metallic bustier dresses.

Jil Sander will have to face the difficult task of succeeding Raf Simons as she makes her - third - comeback at her eponymous fashion house.


Jil Sander AW12-13 | Raf Simons  Jil Sander | AW12-13 | Raf Simons

Jil Sander AW12-13  Jil Sander AW12-13 | Raf Simons

Jil Sander | Raf Simons AW12-13  Jil Sander | Raf Simons AW12-13

Jil Sander AW12-13  Jil Sander

MILAN FASHION WEEK | JIL SANDER | AW12-13 | by Raf Simons (photos: Style.com)

Date 28/02/2012
Category Milan

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