Resort 2013 | The Resort collections used to be designed for joining the luggage of elegant women going on holidays to some sunny and glamour destinations. Nowadays, they are comparable to "pre-collections" and reveal in spring what we will find on the shelves in automn. It's a way to position upcoming collections and to keep up the frenzied pace of high street brands like Zara and H&M.

Resort collections are generally more affordable and a tad sober than the ones showed at Fashion Weeks.


          Stella McCartnet Resort 2013  Celine Resort 2013

                     Stella McCartney Resort Trends 2013                             Celine Resort Trends 2013

          Givenchy Resort 2013  Givenchy Resort 2013

Givenchy Resort 2013


Givenchy Resort Trends 2013

  Lanvin Resort 2013  Lanvin Resort 2013


Lanvin Resort Trends 2013


  Marc Jacobs Resort 2013  Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

 Marc Jacobs Resort Trends 2013


Resort Fashion Trends 2013 | Our Selection | Photos courtesy of

Date 13/06/2012
Category Trends

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