A collaborative project between Saskia and Stefan Diez, the “Papier” series is an experiment in revising the classical typology: the two designers have pointed out the basic requirements to a travel bag – durability, protection and light weight – and sought for an appropriate material other than the traditional choices of leather and reinforced textiles.


The “Papier” bags are made of Tyvek®, a synthetic paper that is extremely lightweight – 135g for the bigger and 115g for the smaller bag – but at the same time exceptionally robust, both water- and tear-proof. The material is completely recyclable. Apart from that, one will appreciate the high-end finishes applied to such seemingly banal material as paper. Silkscreen printing techniques gives it a particularly attractive look.


Saskia Diez Paper Bags

               Saskia Diez Paper Bags    Saskia Diez Paper Bags

               Saskia Diez Paper Bags    Saskia Diez Paper Bags

More info: www.saskia-diez.com/department/papier/

Date 24/05/2012
Category Today

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