Odiseo. | Volume 2. The Flames - independent publishing venture by Folch Studio - lauched the second volume of Odiseo, a publication the studio defines as "adult entertainment" including a selection of erotic visual art, accompanied by cutting-edge ideas from contemporary thinkers. As usual, Folch Studio proposes high quality and polished content with a strong visual impact. A one of a kind magazine we invite you to discover.


Features: Lina Scheynius' self portraits, Jo Schwab's "Habitual Grace" and Amy Hood as seen by the lens of Jonathan Leder, as well as a critical study on hipsterism today by Eugenia Lapteva, a long-distance call with Yuri Suzuki, and Timo Mashiyi-Veikkola's view on collective identity in mass culture.


Odiseo Cover by The Flames



Teaser directed and produced by Canada, on occasion of the second volume of Odiseo publication.




Folch Studio

Folch Studio

Date 13/05/2013
Category News

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