From London

Sweater Vivienne Westwood //

Leggings Pump and Circumstances Jeremy Scott //

Shoes Miu Miu //

Bag Topshop //

Glasser Cutler&Gross //

IPod Strap Vivienne Westwood //

Grey nail polish Illamasqua //

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3.72 / 5 (151 )


Anonymous 12/07/2009 12:49:49

My sister has a hot wife! ...and don't mess with her or she will do a double James Bond back flip to your neck crotch cradled...and twist broken if you don't watch it!

Anonymous 05/07/2009 22:59:34

Great look! Hope you enjoyed the Whisky!

Anonymous 03/07/2009 12:04:26

Looking amazing as always!!!x

Anonymous 03/07/2009 10:51:23

Looking good although the shoes are a little tame.x

Anonymous 02/07/2009 15:33:02

I say. Rather.

Anonymous 02/07/2009 13:58:39

Love the hair, dope legs, and that is one massive bag!

Anonymous 01/07/2009 22:17:09

Superb style! You always had it x

Anonymous 01/07/2009 19:59:48

Yes she can!

Anonymous 01/07/2009 09:56:53

Hey that's Ima Doll!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!

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Paris Fashion Week Street Style
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