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LFXB at Paris Fashion Week


Fur vintage //

Coat Infinitif //

Cardigan Rodier //

Shirt Vintage //

Trousers Gérard Darel //

Shoes Melissas customised //

Handbag Texier //

Barometer vintage //


Check out his here! LFXB is one of LELOOK's guest bloggers.

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Brands : Melissa, Vintage

Muymia 27/01/2011 11:20:58


Lapin Sauvage 25/01/2011 15:56:33

shoes grises excelentes! =:D

Demopop 25/01/2011 10:23:13

el termómetroes lo más.

Lapin Sauvage 22/01/2011 20:42:58

Genial Pantalón y shoes!!!! =:)

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Paris Fashion Week Street Style
Paris Fashion Week Street Style
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