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Anonymous 06/10/2010 10:19:39

No offense dear Muymia, but how can someone alone be Buddha-style (and to 100%!). I thought Buddha-style needed at least two persons at the same time...

Muymia 27/09/2010 15:35:15

Ohhh! No había reparado en este LOOK! Tiene un poco de etnik con un poco de selfstyle... lo de los calcetines no es nuevo, pero en él me gustan. 100% deacuerdo con el Buddha-style.

Lelook 17/09/2010 00:33:21

trousers-in-socks coming soon... Especially for girls this winter.

Itstim 14/09/2010 23:07:10

Not my cup of tea but definitely someone with its own, personal style. Cool. I'm curious how long it will take before the trousers-in-socks trend will be adapted by the masses, left aside East LDN.

Anonymous 10/09/2010 22:28:19

he's pants is so super nice and I must say its true: perfect Buddha-style.

Anonymous 10/09/2010 00:08:27

Totally Buddha-style!

TOCTOCTOC 07/09/2010 17:14:07


Lapin Sauvage 07/09/2010 12:07:45

Pantalon dentro de medias no please... =:(

SuzyBlues 07/09/2010 11:31:04

He's cute. His style is very personal and I like it. The pants inside the socks is a must for the winter!

Anonymous 07/09/2010 11:28:06

love love love his shoes and his MOUSTACHE of course!

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Paris Fashion Week Street Style
Paris Fashion Week Street Style
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