PB0110 is a label by Philipp Bree created in 2012, featuring fine bags of natural leather and linen. Philipp Bree was born in Hanover, where he still lives and works today, and grew up surrounded by the designs of his parent's handbag line.




Philipp Bree conceived his minimalist bag collection around three elemental materials: vegetable tanned natural leather, linen, and brass. Cowhides of the highest quality are hand-selected from tanneries in Belgium and Poland in operation since the nineteenth century; linen is sourced from a Tuscan family firm known for supplying ropes for church bells. Fabrication is entrusted to European craftsmen trained for generations. With both materials acquiring unique patinas with use, PB 0110's totes, bucket bags, backpacks, and shoulder bags are designed to become beloved objects, treasured for the individuality they will develop over time.


Website: pb0110.de
Facebook: www.fb.com/PB0110





Photos courtesy of PB0110


Date 18/08/2015
Category Designers & Brands

Claudia Li is the Creative Director and Founder of the eponyme brand Claudia Li. The designer was raised and born in a very small rural area by Lake Dongting in China. After studying in Bejing and London, she is now based in New York.




This season, the designer played with volume in elongated, sleeveless tops and slouchy pants; wide turtleneck collars that peel just above the chin; delicately threaded seams and designs on the outside of the garment that hold sheer panels together, and oversized folded ribbondetailing on several fronts. Through hues of nude, grey, blue, black, white and cream, Li made sculptural looks wearable.


Website: www.claudia-li.com
Intagram: instagram.com/claudia_li_official


Claudia Li


Photo courtesy of Claudia Li

Date 14/08/2015
Category Designers & Brands

After seven years making prototype garments for the likes of Céline and Balenciaga, Daniel Pallas and his wife Véronique decided to launch their own line.




Beyond the impeccable tailoring and versatile range of silhouettes, the collection is distinguished by its craftsmanship. Each of the designs was cut by hand and assembled by one tailor from start to finish. Construction details including hand-sewn linings, patch pockets with no visible stitches, and covered buttons embody the Pallas philosophy: “To love what we do, simply because it’s beautiful.” This collection presents itself as more “ready-to-wear” and more extensive as the previous ones, and a few great craftspeople enrich it by their accessories.


Website: www.pallasparis.fr




Photo courtesy of Pallas

Date 10/08/2015
Category Designers & Brands

Formerly the artistic director of Hermès' womenswear, the frenchman is now focused on building his own line. Lemaire is a collective, independent project led by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, bringing together a team that is united by a shared work philosophy, with clothing at its core. The collections are designed and developed in the Marais district of Paris nearby the 28, rue de Poitou historic shop.




The AW ’15 collection featured dramatic ponchos and sweeping capes, mid-calf-length skirts, cropped-above-the-ankle wide-leg trousers and thick wool outerwear in classic gray and navy. The styling was natural—hair loose and long, except when tucked into wool neck warmers. Makeup was minimal, aside from a ring of taupe eye shadow. Everything felt eminently wearable and polished.



Website: www.lemaire.fr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Lemaire/215125998613347
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/lemairepage





Photos courtesy of Lemaire


Date 07/08/2015
Category Designers & Brands

Alena Akhmadullina fashion brand was created in 2001 by Alena Akhmadullina, fashion designer from Saint Petersburg and graduate of the Technology and Design Academy. The brand and designer herself have become one of the most influential designers in modern Russia.



Resort 2016 is a stellar example of her extraordinary craftsmanship, each piece inspired by the Russian folktale of Sadko, presented in contemporary styles. As the story goes, Sadko was cast overboard for not paying due respect to the Sea Tsar, but his musical skills won over the Tsar who not only spared his life, but also gave him a wife. Drawing quite literally on the story, raucous waves are a repeated motif in Akhmadullina’s Resort 2016 lookbook, presented as 3-D tufts of fur, contrasting denim panels, hand-embroidered cashmere textures, and mesmerizing prints.


Website: alenaakhmadullina.ru
Blogspot: alena-akhmadullina.blogspot.com
Twitter: twitter.com/aakhmadullina
Pinterest: pinterest.com/akhmadullina
Tumblr: alenaakhmadullina.tumblr.com
Instagram: instagram.com/alenaakhmadullina



Alena Akhmadullina


Photos courtesy of Alena Akhmadullina


Date 03/08/2015
Category Designers & Brands

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